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The Stour Cross Farm Experience

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Guests of all ages relish the opportunity to get more from their Dorset chalet holiday than they first suspect.

We are often told by guests who choose to stay with us at Stour Cross Farm for their holiday, that the experience of meeting the farm animals is one of the highlights of their entire visit to Dorset.

Visitors of all ages can and often do take advantage of the opportunity to get very hands-on with the daily routines of the dairy farm that Dorset Chalet Holidays call home.  Plenty of people have swopped their summer sandals for wellies and their lie-in for a dawn wake-up call – to experience for themselves what is involved in looking after a heard of dairy cows on a daily basis.  Not only have they taken the opportunity to watch the herd being milked but have helped out with hand-rearing the calves. This is quite a noisy, hectic routine where the newly-born calves blare impatiently for their afternoon feed.  The calves are fed by bottle from a day old and after a few days begin drinking milk from a bucket – like all hungry babies they can’t get enough of mother’s milk!

No one has yet managed to resist this charming experience of giving a helping hand to a new born calf.

Latest on Kittens at Stour Cross Farm

Monday, May 6th, 2013
Two week old kittens

Two week old kittens


Here is the latest photo of the five black kittens born two weeks ago. They now have their eyes open and are a bit doddery on their legs but they are certainly growing well. Mother was taking a break for a while – she is still very posessive and doesn’t leave them for long.

New Life to Stour Cross Farm

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
New mother feeding her kittens

New mother feeding her kittens

It was quite a surprise to see three black cats appear at the farm a few months ago.  We guessed they had come  from the farm down the road – the farmer had sold his cows so their supply of milk had stopped.

How they knew where to come was a mystery, their instincts must have lead them here. One was quite friendly from the start and after a while I was able to pick her up. They would hang around at milking time waiting patiently for the dish to be filled with fresh warm milk.

A few weeks ago I noticed the friendly one was starting to show signs of pregnancy so I kept a eye on her. Sure enough as the weeks went on she got bigger and bigger until she looked as though she’d swallowed a child’s football. Then last week she produced five black kittens.


.Five one week old kittens


She had given birth amongst some large straw bales and it wasn’t the ideal place to leave them so I borrowed a dog cage and promptly moved them where they would be safe from predators and farm machinery.

Mother and babies now have my undivided attention and I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Cow Calving at Stour Cross Farm

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to video one of our mature cows calving her second twin calf. The first one was born only minutes before but unfortunately I missed the delivery. The calf was up on its feet shortly afterwards and I was mistaken to think that the calf belonged to the white cow you see in the video as the calf is of similar markings but it was later made obvious that it was the first of the twins. These are our fourth set of twins this year and all of them are doing fine. 

Click on the video link below and watch the wonders of nature. The video is about 8 mins long.

The second twin calf being born

The second twin calf being born