Our Farm

Stour Cross Farm is a traditionally run dairy farm. We have 150 acres of pasture land and 100 black and white Friesian cows. Large though they are close up, these are gentle creatures – timid even. They’ll look up as you pass by; then, when they are sure you present no danger, they’ll get back to doing what they love to do – grazing the rich, green Dorset grass!

Cows from Chalet Balcony

Cows from Chalet Balcony

Like any animal, they can be startled by sudden noises or aggressive motion – so best not to run towards them yelling and waving your arms!

Perhaps unfortunately, gone are the days of the milk-maid gently squeezing her daily pinta by hand! Martin uses modern farm equipment and today’s technology for a clean comfortable and productive 10 minutes per cow!

You are welcome at the milking parlour 5.00am and again at 4pm. All our cows need to be milked twice a day and it’s a fascinating process to watch.

Just to prove that it’s not all about cows, you may get a visit from our chicken, who keeps an eye on the place for us!